TextField Jump To Position Button

Ok… I wonder if anyone can help me here:

I have a textfield with associated scrollbar. The text is quite long and split into sections. Above the text are some buttons which use setScrollPosition on the scrollbar to flick it down to the desired points. This all works fine and at the moment is hard coded by running it and counting the scroll clicks needed.

However if the flash file is stretched by the user these buttons then do not work because the text no longer takes up the same amount of lines etc.

So my question is:

Is there a better way to get the desired effect? Its basically like using an <A HREF="#name">anchor link</A> in an htm page. Is this possible in flash? or is it possible in some other way? perhaps somehow scrolling down the textfield till it finds the section name keywords?

I have a feeling it isn’t possible any other way and have searched around for a solution but can’t find anything, so any help would be appreciated. I really would like to keep both the scrolling effect and the quick access buttons, i know i could do it by changing the text but then i would lose the scrolling ability.