Textfield over movieClip: want handCursor always

I’m making a submit “button” (actually a movieClip). I made a roundRect shape for the movieClip (set buttonMode=true and added a MouseEvent.CLICK to it) and added a child textfield that displays the word “submit” (and set the selectable=false property to avoid the “text cursor” when you roll over the textfield area). Now I get a “mouse pointer” when you roll over that specific area (as you roll over the movieClip, you get handCursor, but then as you reach the text area, it becomes a pointer).

So, how do I get the hand cursor to appear while the cursor is anywhere over the top of the movieClip…AND be efficient…I have a few possible “work arounds”, but there must be another way…

WORK AROUND 1: I’m pretty sure I can use a mouse move event and hitTest, but that seems inefficient.

WORK AROUND 2: I could add an alpha=0 copy of the movieClip over the textfield, but that seems like it shouldn’t be necessary.

Rather than try to find additional work arounds, I’d like to hear someone chime in on the “correct” solution to this issue (or tell me if one of the work arounds makes more sense). Thanks in advance for any help with this.