TextField problem with "@"s

Hey folks.

I’m no flash begginer but today I feel like one.

Here in Portugal, to make a “@” symbol, according to our keyboard layout the key combination is “ALT GR - 2”. That works fine usually in flash, never had problems with it.

But right now, a strange thing is happening: A certain flash movie I did, which is loaded on top of another (main) one, is only allowing me to create that symbol using the combination “SHIFT-2”. That’s wrong and it’s confusing the website’s users.

If you want to see it, just go to http://www.edenresort.net/#/areaagentes/?lang=2

1 - dismiss the flash popup
2 - click “I wish to be an agent”
3 - go to the “e-mail” field and try using the “@” symbol.

I have no idea what happens is your keyboard layout is different, but perhaps the key combination is not the same for you too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This error does not happen if one accesses the SWF file directly. It just happens when it’s loaded on top of the main flash movie.

does anyone have a clew ??? :puzzled: