Textfield problems: text being cut off

I have a textfield problem. I have a good amount of text in a field. So I set a mask, gave it a scroller and set it on it’s way. But when the textfield’s height is more than about 1700 pixels, it cuts the text off.

It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the characters since just putting a whole slew of spaces and then some characters and they won’t show up.

But the scroller will actually scroll the entire height of the field. The field is 3000 pixels and it traces then when I trace the height but text from 1700 + just won’t display… thoughts?

Edit: I made the field really wide (too wide for the area) but all the text displays for it’s not a text limit. I didn’t think it was but just confirming…

This is a height limit to the Stage?