Textfield won't show bound variable

Hiya, this problem only occurs when I have my AS2 movie loaded into an AS3 holder, which is necessary for this project. I am not accessing the root just an object that exists on the same frame as the text field.

I’m having quite a problem with a textfield that has a variable defined in the properties bar that it is bound to. The variable that is set in the var field is a property of an object like this: ActionScript Code:
[FONT=Courier New][LEFT][COLOR=#0000ff]object[/COLOR].[COLOR=#000080]textProperty[/COLOR]

The object is initialized and I can trace the property from the frame that the textField exists on though the teftfield will not display it.
This isn’t a text embedding problem as I’m using system fonts and tracing the .text property of the textfield so I know what’s in it.
I have tried setting the variable to update every second and also re-initializing the object and adding the property again to try and get the textfield to update but it’s not working.

I can’t get the textfield to read a variable that is a property of an object that exists on the samne frame so this isn’t a targetting issue.

I can get the textfield to show and update a variable that is declared in the normal way: ActionScript Code:
[FONT=Courier New][LEFT][COLOR=#000000]var[/COLOR] myVar:[COLOR=#0000ff]String[/COLOR] = [COLOR=#ff0000]“my test string”[/COLOR];

but once it is inside an object it won’t work.

I have inherited this project and so I can’t change the way the variables are targeted as it will be too much work (there are over 120 text fields) all I can do is update the variable. The original project worked fine with this technique but now it does not seem to be working at all.

if anyone has any suggestions I would be really glad to hear them as I am very very stuck and have spent hours trying to solve this!

Thanks for your help,