Textformat.color strange behavior


I’m making a flash app that allows you to create text, edit it, …
At some point, I need to get the text’s color.

It was set previously using :
actformat = new TextFormat();
actformat.font = “Arial”;
actformat.size = “12”;
actformat.color = “0x0000FF”;

Works great…

Then, you can stick the text on the movie and make a new one. During the creation of the movie clip holding the created text, all the format parameters of the text are passed to the movieclip.

When I call back the .color parameter, it shows a value that isn’t hex nor RGB…

I’ve been googling for the last hour trying to find how to convert this back to RGB or hex values with no success.

In this case, the value is : 65535

Is someone would be kind enough to help me solving this headacke mistery, I’d be very gratefull…