Thank you kirupa

1st, i would like to thank you to kirupas because of its tutors and replied post
i was able to make my first website and here it is mysite.
Even though my english is not good but i was able to understand some of the tutorials and manage to make it work…thank you thank you

2nd, seems that i have 2 major problems now:-

a,my pc resolution is 1280 X 1024,and when i open my site seems kinda ok…well my flash is 800 x 700 and attach with htm to put in the site.The problem is… when others with 800 x 700 resolution pc and 1024 x 768 resolution pc open mysite the flash looks huge i mean it got big and scrollers appear right and below the screen… is there anyway for me to adjust this using html code or any code to make sure that any resolutions pc suits in when open my site?if there is please do tell me how or where to find the code.

b,It seems i dont understand the tutorials about XML,what i mean was using XML to update my latest news section so i able to make an news updates just by ading text in xml … i dont understand the tutor maybe because of my english is so poor.Hope anyone could tell me the code for me to put in the news section frame in a simple way for none english user like me…hope you guys dont be angry.Thank you

  • ok sorry it was a wrong url hehehe nvm id changed it to a working one…
    so please help me out here T_T