Thanks & script errors

Thank you - I have made a mental note to email a ‘close’ frame, when I come across one again. Just about to go and get a Flash book.
New problem
Changing a photo in frame. [slight alts done in Photodraw]
Save in images [within the site]
Name changed so as no confusion in humans, but computer
does not ask to save image [as it usually does]
Opens OK with new image in frame
Before opening frame gives me a message saying
‘an error has occur in this script’ etc.
After clicking either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the page previews OK.

Do I need to worry about this, ie will it affect the web when published etc. Have tried all the Help files and The Book, but feell I must be missing something.
Thanks again for all you patience and help.

Hey Petak,
Do you have link from which I can see the frame you are referring to? The Script errors will not appear unless there is some sort of JavaScript code present. Did you use any scripting that was beyond the scope of FrontPage? If you did, try commenting the script (so it won’t run) and see if the error message disappears. If it does, the problem lies in your JavaScript.