Thats wierd

a certain member of this forum believes that my avatar picture is not appropriate…who here agrees with that certain individual?


It actually cracked me up. But I am not easily offended.

there have been worse…:sigh:

I don’t mind at all, and if it was to bother anyone, it’d bother me, because usually thrusting any religion at me makes me angry at people… but I don’t mind at all as I said, it’s very discrete and reasonable

not really, if you’re a jew that is. if you aren’t I don’t see the point…

I’m not Jewish so it doesn’t offend me but if you ask me it’s a poor choice for an avatar.

Are you even Jewish?

of course im jewish!
im glad it does not offend anyone!

[size=1][color=darkslategray]EDIT by kirupa: I removed your mention of another member just to keep things nice :wink:[/color][/size]