*The 2x2 issue*

The reason the team decided not to accept 2x2’s was because there was a rush of so many 2x2 plots and not enough 1x2’s, 2x1’s and 1x1’s. All we wanted to do was slow down the # of 2x2 submissions… but what happened was a giant misunderstanding…I have looked and there are 8 2x2 plots availiable…

To Be fair… we will accept those 8 2x2’s on a first come first serve basis…
All those who have completed a 2x2 and were first turned down by me… gl…b3nkobe or eilsoe… you will get priority. Any plots left are up for grabs by anyone…

sign up on this thread to get the 2x2… please only sign up if you are serious about a 2x2.