The all in one applacation thread. what do you use!

well i was thinking about this thread for a while and it seemd like a nice thing to have. so what applacations do you use! i well start
you may use as many as you like. you can add some if you didnt see here mine is a example also. if you dont have a client of the subject its ok to leave out.:slight_smile:

Web Browser: Oprea
E-mail client: Thunder Bird
Photo Editor/Art program: Fireworks mx 2004
Text editor: notepad/wordpad
Webpage editor: dream weaver mx 2004
chat client: Yahoo,msn,aim
Irc client: Xchat
Arcive client: WinACE
Music player: Winamp
game client: Steam,Gamespy
Video player: Divx
Forum you use most: the wonder kirupa forums
p2p client: bitttorent(you didnt see this line:P)
home server system: apache-fireserv
Protection: Panda Anti virus :tie:

have fun. if i read yers and see new clients i well sherly add to my list:)