The average Age of the People of Kirupa

Just for you, I edited this poll with your age.

I just hope RelandR doesn’t notice this thread :nat:

Thanks K man
That should bump the average a tad
43 on 22/09

sorry brownie didn’t figure anyone was older then 39 (no offense)

no problem

I remember a thread similar to this and there is at least one other older than me.


:z: :z: :z:…saw it allready, wasn’t going to say a word … till my ears started burning :red:


maybe you could make it “multi-selectable” so’s people can just add up to their totals :!: … but methinks mebe that the maths of averages would be skewed somehow :sure:


14 for 26 more days!

your still only 14 dipi. wow i thought i was the youngest out of us.

hey, look, im the youngest one here. mwahaha

you all wish you were 13 like me :slight_smile:

comon i know we have some 8 years old in here (kirupa?;))

i’m 19!

Kirupa minds stickyng this for the 3 month period?

26 <— 11 july 1978

Hate to break it to u but im 13 also


(wow, I didn’t think that there are so many people around the age of 13 to 17)
Maybe I should open a candy-shop here :wink: :smiley: )

17… Yet another of these theards… It’s good to know if the public of kirupa is getting younger or older?

15 :pleased:

14 but 15 in a week:)

21 here…

22 in a few months…

w00t w00t my age group has the most

i bet 17 or 16 wins. seems like a lot of young’ins are frequent visitors.

btw, 20 here in a few weeks.