The Blockbuster Movie Game

My friends and I play this online game… sort of.

What you do is you start at blockbuster’s website at the page for some movie. It will have a description of the movie, and maybe a picture, but most importantly, it will include a list of all the cast members who were in it, each name hyperlinked to the blockbuster page for that cast member.

So you click on a cast member, and you get a short biography, but more importantly, you get a list of every movie he/she was ever in.

Now if you click on one of those movies, you get another movie page, with another cast list. Click a cast member and you repeat the process.

THE CATCH --> you are racing against your friends, with a destination movie or cast member in mind. The first one to reach that page by only clicking link after link, WINS!!!

Then the winner uses the back button to recall each move, to prove that he used an actual movie-person-movie-person-movie-person… path, and pastes the full path into an IM, or post or whatever the official form of communication is.

Rules : No cheating.
No peeking ahead.
No starting before the official time.
You cant click on the director or producer, etc. Only cast members.
You ARE allowed to use your backbutton along the way, like an undo.

NOTE: This is sometimes called the Kevin Bacon game. I dont call it that, because I have never heard of Kevin Bacon. It works for any actor, trust me.

Any one for a game?

PS. unfortunately those of us with broadband have an unfair advantage. Perhaps we can have two leagues. The real test is whether you know your movies.

oh man, i would lose in an instant

i get totally lost all the time! its really bad when you are trapped in westerns, or horror films, or the 1920’s and you CANT GET OUT!
ooh even worse … all french films (if you dont know french). Its a challenge, but you just have to go with your gut, and read the years for each movie.

Sounds cool, but I’m don’t get it :-\

speaking of blockbuster…;jsessionid=60ECACD449FDA61002CC55EB5EFAD470

sign up for their mailing list and get a free movie rental.

I didn’t quite get it. Come again? :h:

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Ok, I got it :slight_smile: Cool… But where do you start? I mean let’s say the destination movie is Terminator, but where do you start to get there. Do you both start at a random page or smth?..

First you have to get everyone in the game to agree on a start time, start place and destination.
If you want, you can choose each others start spots, and pick really hard ones for the people who are too good at it. It adds a nice handicap dimension to the game.

Any body want to race from The Sound of Music to The Cat in the Hat starting at exactly 10 of the hour, Kirupa time?


That sounds like fun :beam:

How does one start a game?

(145,000th post ;))

you propose a time, first. If someone responds, you agree on a start movie and an end movie. Then when the clock reaches the start time, you open up and click away!

any body want to play now?