The challenge: How can i made a vertical rotative menu?

i don´t know how to explain well, i guess that is like the infinite menu, the diference is that the one i wanna do it´s vertical, not horizontal, and it´s rotative, example, imagine 5 butons, verticaly disposed, then when the cursor goes up, the menu move upward, but rotate to the backward an the buton seems like its behind the other butons with a transparency, do you know what i mean? plese i´ll be gratefull if you can handle me with this?

try using a motion guide on your buttons you will have to play with the alpha settings and the animation but you can do it with motion guides

Ok, i´m gonna try, to be more specific, u can go to, on the left bottom side, over the credit card info, there´s an example of what i mean rotative, then, to that kind of animation, i want to make menu botons, like the infinite menu, so i think it´s gonna look cool, ¡thanks for that deadly hand!

well yes you can do that with a motion tween but its gonna be tricky making it an actual menu, the one you posted isnt a menu system its just a few bitmaps which are rotating in that position

you could actionscript it without too much trouble (well - i’d have a hard time doing all the coding but it looks possible)
things you have to work with:

:movie clips depth -switch when one goes back/goes to front
:MC _y movement and height, which will eventually be negative (at the same time the _y movement is negative)
:mouse interactions

if you want to add more 3D lookalike you’ll have to decrease the width when the menus are behind too (and the transparency in the same way), and eventually give them a trapeizodal form (is that english?) when they switch to the background…

i know these menus have been made before, i’ll try to look for them…

I posted to a simular question a while back and gave them this link:

It uses actionscript instead of a tween so you wont have the buttons getting taller/shorter. For that I would use a tween that repeats itself - you would just manipulate the size an location of all the buttons like what Grim’s probably thinking of.

MLK beat me - I gotta learn to type faster…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. that link you post freddy it´s exactly what i mean, the problem is that the fla it isn´t there anymore, so i´m gonna work on it, thank´s to all of u guys, , and when i have it, i´ll post it for you too, if i have trouble i´m gonna let you know asking for help again, so see you soon pals.

Huh! I wonder why they’re gone…I just downloaded something like three weeks ago. Well, if I find another one like that I’ll post it.

Aha, this is why: