The city three award-winning textile enterprises

Recently, the China Cotton Textile Association published from 2010 to 2011 pairs of dyed yarn Annual Excellence Award , Excellence Award winners , the city Demian shares, Huayuan Technology, Chinese music technology 3 of 9 textile yarn products standings Famous. It is understood that the China Cotton Textile Association list of winners released a total of 66 products involved , the city 's award-winning 13.64% of the total . Among them, Chinese music Chinese music licensing technology, compact spinning awarded 50 Excellence Awards ,tv blanket, shares Demian Demian card 80 combed cotton yarn, Wah Lok Wah Lok technology licensing 60 , 70 ,[url=]fur blanket, 80 Compact spinning and 50 , 60 , 80 , and combed cotton yarn technology Tianqu Huayuan combed cotton yarn brand won 60 awards for excellence. recent years, the city actively to the way the textile industry restructuring ,[url=]Blanket Throw, now, the city has 1.1 million post- spun yarn differentiation , was reduced by 10 million tons of cotton , while the quality of high value-added products to benefit , Demian shares, Wah Lok Technology, Huayuan technology companies to develop new products, tons of yarns profit doubled. at 9 at the end , the city’s textile enterprises above designated size realized sales income of 300 billion yuan, up 14.9%.