"the Emotion Machine"

To Whom, it may concern,

My name is Cameron MacLeod and my collaborator in Yang Wenqing. I am currently studying in Konstfack University College of Art and Design in Sweden at the “Art in the Public Realm” MFA program. My background is in painting and electronic based art www.cameronmacleod.net. Yang is also studying for a short time at Konstfack and finishing his M.F.A. in “Experience Design”. His background is industrial design and he is the founder and Design Director of LOE Design Consulting Co. Ltd. (a major design company in china with over 70 employees) [URL=“http://www.loedesign.com/”]www.loedesign.com.

          Konstfack University College of Art and Design along with the Arlanda Airport has formulated a class to develop new intiatives for the public space within the Airport. We have been taking this M.F.A. class for three months now and working on a singular project that will be proposed for permanent instillation in the Airport. 

Yang and I are proposing a project that will basically consist of a 40 x 40 pixel screen embedded in the floor that is 4 meters by 4 meters in length, each pixel can display a full color range and is touch sensitive. The system is connected to the internet and is controlled through flash files.

The project will allow for public participation from passers-by interacting with the work in the physical space (through the touch sensitive floor) as well as from digital artists contributing to the programming of the screen (through the peripheral computer connected to the internet.) Through this interactivity we will evaluate our installation, leading to a better use of public space.

All experiences will be rated based on the amount of people interacting with the installation. The rating system will define which experiences(programs) are most used on the system and which ones will be archived, creating a type of competition between developers. Furthermore all flash files will be open source so flash designers can exchange, dialog and become more aware of what types of experiences work in the space.

We are looking for interested flash developers to participate in a project that will involve a new installation at the Stockholm airport. On March 14 we will present our final proposal to the airport board members for this new installation at the airport.

There will be a webcam setup so flash file makers can see the results of their experiments.

This is the initial call to action, we need files to start the system.

Any help you can offer will be kindly appreciated by the 800 000 passengers per month that could see your work, as well as myself and the airport staff.

Please contact me with any questions and interest. Currently I hope to collect a number of letters of interest from developers who may wish to contribute content to the system. Furthermore flash files that could be used to illustrate the types of experiences that might come to expect on the system could also be used in the presentation.

Cameron MacLeod
[email protected]