The enemies seem more afraid of the hero than vice-versa!

I’m currently working on a game called ‘BloodLust’ (bad name, I know) and I have got everything planned and have started. I have finished all the animations, levels, weapons, items and the hero but the enemies are giving me some problems.

Note: This flash project is a model for one I am going to transfer into C++.

There are different types of enemy. They have random attributes within particular ranges and move by themselves and all that. Out of these different types the ones that don’t work are the ones that rise from the floor or fall from the ceiling. The thing is, they seem to decide they are going to not come down form the ceiling as if they are to afraid to do anything and instead have decided to float along the 0 position on the _y of the frame above the hero’s head. Any hints on what to do?

[size=1]EDIT : Worked out where had gone wrong 10 minutes after posting this.[/size]