The famous XML nav, but only the way it works, not the xml stuff, pls help

I have looked all over and cannot find any information on this.

What I am after is a navigation, by which there are a series of buttons(main buttons that dont actually go anywhere or link to a page, instead what they do will be to drop a series of links below.

But when you click on a second main button, the previosu reverts back up and the new drop appears.

The reason, otherwise I would have all my buttons in one place below each other and this would take up much room, by which this should be reduced with this method for soley the interested area of options.

Its similar to how that really cool XML menu works, but no where near as difficult, its the effect I require not the xml workings, just how it operates.


There are many xml menus here. Which one do you mean?
It is easy to have the main items NOT linking/loading anything. If that is what you mean :slight_smile:

I am not interested in the XML side of the menu itself, but rather the way it actually operated in general. You see when I click on say News articles, I would require a sub drop down displaying the sub section, i.e add news, edit news, and delete news.

I would have other main headings also like user access, and under this I would have add new user, edit and delte. But I dont wish for all the sub menus to be displayed at any one time.

So if I were to click on user access, the previosu sub menu would rise up again.

I so hope you understand where I am coming from. :slight_smile:

Any ideas?