The flying preloader

Hi everybody

I’ve been surfing the net and suddenly i saw
A great site, very nice. And curious as I am I would like to know how you can make that preloader follow your mouse, and turn??



Just set your loader information within a clip and drag this clip with your mouse

yeah, but how do I make it turn??

hmm… link’s dead…

yes… it is… :*(

i loveded you piggy… i loveded you!!!

yeah, but how do I make it turn??

Depending on what you need you have to use the _rotation property or the _xscale/y_scale property for 2d Graphics

gessing your mc is named MC_DRAG

[flash MX]

mc_drag.onEnterFrame=function() {

sorry but indeed the link was dead! here’s the correct link

that should be better :hat: