The future of IM?

i guess in theory it works but i havent tried it yet. DOes anyone here want to DL the beta and try this out? im on MSN [email protected]

im downloading the beta now, oh and by the way i just addedyou to msn


i HATE microsoft. Im not d/l this…
Alright I do have XP and Messenger…


sorry that was pure spam but still i wanna see what this thing is like.huh corporate bastrds:sure:

No fair!! I don’t have broadband (yet) and I don’t live in America, which is very unfiar :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks really cool though, I wanna play! :frowning:

  • Soul :s:

i will do it

its crap it dont work on my pc saying my comp is faulty and soul i dont live in the US but i still d-loaded it, pity about the broadband thing

aw man! i was totally gonna try it till i saw that Micro$uk copyright at the bottom. trillian all the way baby!

wouldnt work on my pc either

hehe, did anyone get it to work?

You have to have like a super computer for it to work yet lol. but its only Beta so what can you expect? :slight_smile: There probably about 3 people in the world who can actually run it, and I’m not one of them :stuck_out_tongue: Looks fun though, I wanna send kisses to peope I love :beam:

  • Soul :s:

I can’t even get the site to load. Stupid company firewall… :angry:

Hehe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have MSN Kit? (not at work) lol

  • Soul :s:

Not at home, no. My Net connection isn’t the greatest there atm, so it wasn’t worth it. Plus I’d have to py for the phone calls etc. :slight_smile:

Used to have it at my last job, they didn’t care about security issues. :slight_smile: