The gallery with multiple galleries, Scotty?

As a graphic design student I am making an online portfolio these days. “The gallery with multiple galleries using one XML” is almost just what I need.

In this portfolio I am using the galleries inside the gallery as project galleries. Some projects are going to contain only one image. Therefore I dont need the prev/next buttons in some cases. Is there a way to atomatically disable the prev/next buttons in galleries with only one image? Is there a way to load text for the whole project gallery and not every single image? And is it someway possible to put HTML in this text? When I try, the gallery doesn´t work. It would at least be nice to be able to put links and do some basic text editing in the text field.

And at last I want to get rid of the resizing. I know that I can make the jpgs I´m loading into the gallery in one size, but its kind of messy having a lot of scripting you dont need in the document. I´ve tried tidying up the code, but I cant make it without putting everything out of order. (I know this may be silly, but I´m a tidy person :P)

Hope this isn´t way too much to ask for. I would be very gratefull if someone could help me out!