The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Imagine a web site with a RESUME (home), and 4 Categories (buttons) which are: Qualifications, Achievements, Businesses, and Education


The Good :slight_smile: : Qualifications and Achievements connect to their scenes NO PROBLEM

The Bad :frowning: :Businesses and Education buttons connect to their scenes in Flash MX but not in a published HTML

The Ugly :crazy: : ME… by the hour

Thanks to any response in advance…

uh… this is by far the most vague question i’ve ever seen.

clarify please, so that someone can have a clue what you’re talking about and help you out :slight_smile:

This is a similar problem as I am having (which might I add, no one has replied to)… it seems that everything is fine until you publish or save and then some things seem to disappear. For me, it’s some animated text, poof, it’s gone when i publish… hmmm why? so your scenes don’t work when you publish to html, not that complicated of a problem… i understood, but don’t know how to fix it. Someone must know what’s going on. help help help

It can’t get anymore vague because it’s really that simple

4 scenes 4 buttons. 2 buttons work! The other 2 work in Flash MX but DON’T WORK after PUBLISHING them (Clarification… these 2 buttons don’t take you to the scene they are linked to, but they do if you preview them in Flash MX, INSIDE THE PROGRAM)

Why don’t these buttons work once you publish them??? There are no hidden actions, no redirections, everything seems to be clean as can be.

PS… I’ve even tried copying over all scenes into a new project and get the same result…

PSII… The only thing that changes in the scenes is a text box with different text and a scrolling button

I am now a happy camper!:thumb: I have just finished fixing this problem. What I did though… was REDO EVERYTHING. It wasn’t that hard… I just copied a lot of **** from my previous templates and redid the button box I thought the problem was coming from. Seems like there was some hidden script that I couldn’t see. That should be fixed by Flash. Hidden **** is the poops… later y’all and thanks to the dudes who tried to help me and crap to the ****y sunodoggy