The Greenhouse Effect

Personally, I liked the old font a bit better. This one is a bit too rigid, it doesn’t look like something a music band would use.

The part of the G that isn’t part of the E (the cream coloured part at the bottom left), looks sort of like a dolphin’s tail. I think it’s the texture, because I saw it too (before reading simplistik’s post) and I didn’t see it at all before. It might be that diagonal line running through the center of the “tail”. It’s like the green part is the dolphin’s body, and the diagonal part is the part I highlighted in this picture (because this is so hard to explain).

Maybe if I changed the texture…

LoL, no it’s not the texture at all… it’s the shape. Also, like I said… I can see the G and the E… but I only know what it is because the actual name is beside it. Not saying it needs to look proper… cause if ppl see it enough it could become recognizable.

The font, the reason I think it’s wack is cause it’s to collegate, to square, it in no way says… cool. Doesn’t really flow w/ the curvature of the logo either. IMO it doesn’t “fit the bill”