The Greenhouse Effect

Here’s a logo I made for my brother’s band ‘The Greenhouse Effect’. C&C welcome.
The tilted text is supposed to be wavy BTW.

I like it, but I would make the logo wider and have the text horazontal beside it instead of to the side.

Yeah. The original idea was for the words ‘The Greenhouse Effect’ to be coming off the G like steam. But I guess it would look better with the words beside it. I’ll try that and post what I get. Thanks.

I like, and maybe 3d’s suggestion would work too. Though the text is supposed to be wavy, it’s almost blurry and kinda hard to read. Something should probably change about “The Greenhouse Effect”.

I feel that the text is too small and too blurry. Not too crazy about the colors either with the background you chose.

The large G&E hybrid thing you have going on is a pretty good idea. I’m having a hard time seeing the “G” in it right now though if that’s what you’re getting at.

Here’s the logo after taking into account 3D Nirvana’s suggestions.

Pete// The G is the cream part of the big shape. While the E is inside it (green part). That’s why the green stops short at the bottom.

Nice! It looks a lot more “professional” with the text laying flat. No more crits from me :slight_smile:

Yeah actually the second one would look good on T-shirts and stuff.

Yeah, I saw that about the G and the E. I apologize, I meant the middle line of the “E” not connecting to the “G” was throwing me off a tiny bit. I get these things called brainfarts sometimes where I don’t explain things the way I mean to. :smiley:

I like where you setup the new text alot better though!

i think the fonts a little hard to read, but nice design!

second one looks much better - perhaps move the text to the right a little? 15-25 pixels?

i thought the first almost looked like a guitar which is cool and appropriate

WOW I didn’t see that until you metioned it! That’s a cool idea.

I could try that with the G and the E making up the body and the text as the neck but hten you start getting a little too close to the Charvel logo for my liking.

no, dont! i like what you had there in the begginng…but maybe use a better font? i find it gard to read.

[btw the font in the charvel banner thing looks EXACTLY like American Idol :)]

Here’s a version with a better font and also some texture.

yeah! thats awesome!

Heh… what is the whole dolphin tail thingy supposed to be? I can see how you tried to do a G and E together but if I was to see that by itself there is no possible way I’d figure that out.

Don’t use that font either, very weak.

I think that font is a little hard to read with the texture. Also, the letters are too close together.

It’s a ‘G’ with an ‘E’ inside. Where the hell’d you get dolphin tail from? Also why is the font very weak? What font should I use then? I wanted to use a simple, suitable font and that one (the one above) fits the bill perfectly. What’s wrong with it?