The KIRUPA YouTube Intro Video...with Pixel! :P

I was on my 3rd attempt at recording an intro video for this site’s YouTube channel, and Pixel happened to just waltz into the screen. Instead of restarting, I figured this has just the right amount of silliness to keep this cut and call it a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you all like it:


I dig your decor, esp those canvases (canvi?).

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Glad you liked them! I painted them myself…almost 6 or 7 years ago after I discovered the blue/green tape that keeps paint from bleeding into areas that you don’t want them to go :paintbrush:

Will that piece of paper on the floor behind your couch be featured in “National Treasure 3” as a clue? :grinning:

If you are referring to this:


That is an air vent, sadly. Though, I won’t confirm nor deny whether there is a piece of paper stuck to the underside of it :desert_island:

That’s exactly what someone would say if they were planning to steal the declaration of independence

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There is a strange 10-digit code that only appears when the vent is blowing cold air…