The Menu Tutorial

Hey I’m quite a n00b and I’ve been finding this site very helpful!

I used the Menu Tutorial and made it, but I don’t know how to change the name from “button” to something else. I’m also unsure on how to set up links onto the buttons.

Can anyone out there assist me? Thanks very much.

Which menu tutorial? Drop-down menu?

Yea sorry I wasnt very clear

Ok, you want to link the button to what? Load another swf, a HTML page…?

Yea, Basically Im gonna be amking a flash site (lol trying) and so yea they will be linked to other swf files.

I also dont know how to change the name of the button :S

Ok… double click the “menu” movie clip on stage. Lock all its layers except the layer “TxT”. Click on frame 20 of layer TxT. Select the Eraser Tool and erase all button’s text. Select the Text Tool and write all the labels you want.

To link to other swf’s yu have to assign some actions on the buttons. But first you have to know something about path, loading movies (into target, into level). Do you know that?
If you dont, check the tutorial section here at Kirupa.

Excellent, will do just that.

Thanks very much for the help!

You’re welcome :wink:

Is there also a tutorial on making the browser the size of the flash site? so you dont get the excess amount in the window, sorry if I have not been clear enough. :s

Yes, you could use Javascript to do launch a window with the dimensions of your flash document. Do you know Javascript?

erm not very well :frowning: