The most disturbing thing on the net

No so much the content but the mind that created it


Woah…that was weird and creepy :skull:


That was Creepy!

it was on newgrounds (ep1) and ****, that was creepy


locks door

now that was sick. This person needs a doctor…

Oh you guys think thats nasty?
Check out the sequel on NewGrounds…

Laslett tastes like sunshine dust:puzzled:

wHOA that’s creepy and hilarious!
gone to watch part one :lol:

i love his voice…that was great :slight_smile:

another one…

I don’t do drugs, but had I been on drugs when I watched that… I might have lost my last bit of sanity. I love it.

thats some sick ****

Alright, you guys find him, and ill go get my gun…

im with contiuum…btw nice font on the footer

thankyou! :slight_smile: