The Orange Contest Information

Hi everyone,
It’s time for another contest! This contest’s rules are pretty simple. Submit an image (photo, painting, pixelart, etc.) that contains an orange (the fruit) in some prominent location. That’s it.

Your image doesn’t have to be about an orange. It could be about something completely different, but as long as there is an orange somewhere noticeable in that picture, your entry is good.

Make sure your image is at least 800x600 in size (in either dimension). There is no maximum size, and you can submit as many entries as you want. As always, keep the entry clean and appropriate for all people.

The last day for submitting your entry is [COLOR=red]July 20th.[/COLOR]

[SIZE=4]Submitting your Entry[/SIZE]
To submit your entry, create a new thread in the Orange Contest forum with the title being the name of your entry. If you are creating multiple entries, please create a new thread for each entry. Do not put multiple entries in a single thread.

Since your entry will be image based, feel free to host your image on a site such as and insert the image into your post from this location.

After you have submitted your entry by creating a thread, be sure to make sure that it appears in the Entries List within 24-48 hours of you having submitted your entry.

There will be cash-prizes distributed via PayPal as always, so make sure you have a paypal account and are able to receive payments from the US. First prize is $200, second place is $150. and third place is $100.

Looking forward to seeing some interesting entries.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: