The perfect sounds!

Most people will argue that the final touch needed to make your site perfect, after you’ve managed to make it visually appealing that is…
is to make / get / apply the sound effects that make your site stand out.

In my opinion this applies to most everything that has to do with interactivity. Users don’t only want to see the effect of their interactions but also hear the effects (especially important in any type of game)…

I dont want to even try to count the hours ive spent on trying to find the perfect sound (given that im not that good at creating them myself).
Most of the sound effects given out as ‘Free’ are crap and basically the same sound as the next 847345 sites offer…

I was hoping that we… my fellow kirupians, could device the ultimate list to Free or VERY cheap sound libraries (the good ones atleast)…

basically give me you links so i dont have to search so ■■■■ much!
(preferably with short description)

Chiao :pope:

Check out this site:

Biggest sound library I’ve found on the whole web.