The possibility of a live flash based text editor

hi gang

i worked a few days on a flash based cms that reffers to a mySql database.
as i didn’t want to re-invent hot water , i still wrote basiclly everything from scratch according to my best way of working.

done with the acutal content management i am ready i guess for the next big part.

“fancy things up”, i am looking for a solid way to encrypt text like a text-editor, searching info stumbled me upon a few components, but i want to build one myself.

and it actually works okay… after processing
fe. when the textfield contains “www.*” or “http://” it’s reformats the code to a “nice name” based on the urlsname fe. “check” becomes “check [U]nitras”

[/U]but as i wrote i only managed to do so after i press the submit button
a) i build a validation set to force my users to submit a valid url path
b) i automaticly convert it.
c) i both validate & convert on the spot <- fav option.
so my next challenge is to do it “live”

something like the editor right here, when you reply.
you can put in an url, that var is added to the last word (with a white space) in your textfield fe.
if i try it, the previous text is replaced by the urlvariablename

does one have experience with that?

it seems to be more difficult then my previous experiment :
people dash in an url and they press “spacebar” the text automaticly switches. cause by a fairly simple if statement. this works very well.

i can’t give out any code for now, but i am willing to collab on this with trustable people since this is a professional work for various instances.