The Reverends footer

The reverend’s footer has a button to the the right of his name that, as far as I can tell, doesn’t actually do anything. Care to shed any light on this, Mr.Flash?

…when I looked at it in Uni, the binoculars had gone and the ‘hand’ appeared when rolling over the button, which did nothing. Now the binoculars are back the ‘hand’ doesn’t appear and the button works. oh well.

dippin’ a bit in the whiskey this mornin’ there, legoman?



Hey Rev I can see through your thumbs:P

Methinks you is playing mind games to push me over the edge, well it’s working dammit. btw, is it made in F5 or FMX? And Sintax, hit me with another Jack Daniels…


yes, I know, I thought if I put binos up to my face, paralax would allow a faint see-thru kind of effect, so I tried to accomplish the same thing…


This was my first attempt at Flash MX… I still program for money in Flash 4 syntax… :evil:


Ok i see waht u mean. Way to go for realism :stuck_out_tongue:

[Legoman] its sliding down the bar. That will be $3.50. I’ll send u the info for my PayPal account:P


Great prices at your bar!

Actually, it just ended up being alpha’d a bit before I got the results I wanted, then just didn’t care about the edges…

:stuck_out_tongue: :beam: :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember thats CND so it is only like $2.75 for u.:slight_smile:

I drink Ketel One, and “my price” at my fav pub is $4…

for “everyone else” it is $5…

JD is $4…

Geez this town is expensive…


but I love it here!



What time do bars close there? Like when is last Call?

Last call is 1:30…

all drinks must be gone by 2:00

(bar time is 15 min fast)


That is a little earlier than here but next year it changes. Bars will be open untill 4:00am. Lat call at 3:30am. it will be great:P

When I visit New Orleans, I have to remember that they won’t tell me to go home (24 hrs a day)…

There have been many a time where I’m watching a show, and the sun comes up…

A friend once said, “I had such a good time, I was drunk 3 different times yesterday.”



HAHAHAHA wlecome to Canada in the summer:P

MX? that might explain oddness then, the uni only has the flash 5 player would’ve thought I wouldn’t be able to see it at all…
They’re talking about opening bars 24hrs here, I’ll drink to that!