The several cults (nitendo, xbox...) read this!

I was just thinking, wouldnt it be really cool if the different cults made website using their members and posted a thread under “Battle” and we voted who had the cooler site. I just though it would be cool to see a collaborative work by the great people here at kirupa. hopefully u guys might like the idea too…

i am making a site as i type:
But i have run into a wall. There this problem with the log-in system that’s driving me crazy.

Cool idea. But my group isn’t a cult first of all :), secondly, it’s not here to “Battle” and “Kill” other cults/groups. Third, I think that it’s a cool idea, but a whole site? That’s a little too much. I could make some superduper flash now, I’ve gotten 10 times better since that stupid little afterburn site I made.

I’m with it, maybe we will make something like it. But if my group agrees for me to make the site wit them (which I think they will), we’re not versing that other xbox cult, just the nintendo one.

But for now I still need some time getting the group together. I only wanted 5 dedicated people that know the xbox so it’s all good.

  • Thanks for the idea mlkedave, I’ll see what I can do.