The Sig Changer

well as you can see my sig is big pimpin. or 1 of the many lol. its cuzz of this wonderful script i made. i guess since i use it on kirupa. i am ganna give it out on kirupa:)

url download link

once you read the readme and install it. in your sig on this forum. or any other vbulletin powerd forum type this

[[IMG][/IMG]](http://Websiteurl or sig changer url) [URL=]
Dont like my sig? then click here to change it!

there are many ways to set yer sig but remember

sigs url

sig changer


ps. i dont know where the best place to post this but i think most people go here so i want everyone to have a copy.

edit: i had to use the html preview bb code instead of code cuzz it didnt show the code lol.

Forum Guidelines is the place for it, but you are free to advertise it on your footer so that others will see it also :beard:

thanks mr.kirupa

it took me like 20 min to re do my sig lol:P

B_Heyer from has been using this idea for months :stuck_out_tongue:

mine is cooler its auto matic. no time limit stuff lol

Ive been using this for sigs on forums since early 2002.

srand( time() );
$files = array();
if ($dir = @opendir(".")) {
while (($file = readdir($dir)) !== false) {
if ( eregi( '.(jpg|gif)$', $file ) ) {
$files[] = $file;
$file = $files[rand() % sizeof( $files )];
if ( eregi( '.jpg$', $file ) ) {
header( "Content-Type: image/jpeg" );
} else {
header( "Content-Type: image/gif" );
header( "Content-Length: " . filesize( $file ) );
readfile( $file );

Just name it “whatever.php” , place it in a folder on your server with as many gifs or jpegs as you like, and point your signature url to the php file. New sig everytime the page refreshes. So simple its ridiculous!

The annoying part for some users is that by using php to access a pic they cant cache the images and have to download them every single time. Alot of forums I hang around are banning use of these scripts because its such a pain in the a** for alot of people. Probably why I rarely use a sig anymore?

my script is more easy. has installer and a uploader for easyness (uploader has password)!:slight_smile:

lol thats cool :slight_smile:

Easier? You’ve incorporated six larger seperate scripts to do what a smaller single one does much more simply without unnecessary installers or passwords. Why have an installer and uploader for a script or pics anyway? My brothers 6 year old knows how to open an ftp link and drag n drop a file.

It seems to me that youve taken an easy thing that has been done many, many, times by many, many people and found a way to complicate it. Did I mention this has been done before many, many times?

Copyright indeed. :sure:

Ok, let’s not turn this into a flame war folks. The idea may not be entirely original, but Idoik wrote the script himself, and he is sharing it as open source for others to use. It just so happens that he did complicate it a bit on himself, but you know what, you’d be surprised how many people wouldn’t be able to figure it out without those extra scripts.

Either that or they are just too lazy to go the FTP route :stuck_out_tongue: