The sponge button

what do it do? i never see a diff when i use it.


It is weird, you need to use it on like a photo to really see a difference. It just kinda blands out the color or something. You also may need to click a bunch of times for it to change, instead of just rubbing with it, you get better results if you click, then rub, then click, then rub, over and over in the same spot. Same goes with the Dodge and Burn Tools.

It is weird…lol.

its called the desaturate tool, well thats what i like to call it. basically it desaturates color. i use frequently when dealing with like environmental perspective or when some colors are too bright.

Ahhh, good to know. I just knew it blands out the color, and well, that is the same as desaturates.

Your explanation was way better.

cool. i learned two things in this thread :stuck_out_tongue: