The Sun is straight from hell

I don’t know about you guy’s but I am the kind of person who despises the sun and everything it stands for. I am trying to work in after effects all day and its soooooo hot that I cannot even concentrate for a second without getting so uncomfortable I have to adjust my desk or kick something. The point of this post is to gather a coalition of people to stand against the sun, so we can forever be free of the sunlight and get some D/\MN WORK DONE.

P.S. This post might be the after effect of “the crazy sun disease”

lol, its not hot out over here, but i agree the sun is the devil, though usually im not awake to see it :-/

two minutes ago my mom said she will let some sun in my room and open up the window… she screwed up the blinds and tripped over the power cord to my pc… thank god i saved
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the night time is the right time

I prefer cloudy days more because I don’t like the sun either :cap:

Today was great over here, nice cool breeze, don’t think it even hit 75 today. I hate the heat, and don’t take well to the sun.

I prefer to work at night, don’t really like working when the sun in blazing through the window.

God invented the AC, use it.

You guys are silly. We need the sun or we’d be dead. :skull: How hot is it?

Baaaahhhhh…I agree with Mr. Burns, lets block it out :thumb:

I its like 90º in my house and i keep my window open so my skin doesn’t turn transparent like it normally does when I stay inside for a year. And thank’s max for that post. I wouldnt have had this problem if I had a AC ><.

IM here in Brazil…
Today it was 30°C…
(have no idea how many °F that is)
I was hot…
but I prefer “warm” days…
not 2 cold, not 2 hot…
It warms my PC…

Wait so since the Sun is from hell (that I have no doubt) and hell is basically the mantle of the Earth, does that mean Earth is really bigger than the Sun and it’s just our perception that makes it larger? Because it had to fit in hell to come from hell… right? Um… feel free to ignore me. >_>

Well… The hell is the bottom less abyss which can fit everything… because I say so … and … uhhh… startrek fanclub

arg the sun! My mom always comes in and opens the window so it’s all nice and bright. Then the monitor gets all glarey and I cant see anything. The sun is ok some times, when your outside, but is death when ur inside.

My room has this annoying window that cant open or have blinds cuz it’s closer to the celing. So it gets like 93 in here when it’s in the 80s outside. Stupid room!

But I say overcast and windy is the best for most things :slight_smile:

Don’t hate the sun.

The hotter it is, the less chicks wear…and who doesn’t like chicks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Plus its good for tanning

you all would really love florida - sides maybe the brazil guys hahaha-

sunshine is your friend!

whats up with your AC?

dunno about his but mine leaks water… its a dual heater/AC so i rhink its condensation… but its in the garage, and our shoe rack is there too, so my shoes always are wet :frowning:

I don’t mind the sun. Photos wouldn’t be as cool if everything were pitch black. :sure:

Would it be great if artificial light sources eventually got large enough to replace the sun? Position them around the Earth, be able to control their output… Of course this would mean you couldn’t see the moon, not unless you put on in orbit around that too :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, the sun alone isn’t responsible for hot weather. I actually love then sun; it’s relaxing to go work outside instead of being stuck in a chair in semi-darkness all day.

Aaahh man, you should enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been really hot here today (32C), which is really rare for us so we’re gettin enough of it while its here :wink:

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