The tadpole pool

Hi fellow mad scientists! I’ve been working on this little random-movement generator based on a simple angular variation idea I had way back in high school.
The swf is here, the source is [url=“”]here.

The structure of the fla is based off of Kirupa’s MX random movement tutorial (thanks Kirupa!), but you will see I’ve changed the motion code, and made some of the ‘constants’ accessible through some handy components.

What I really want to know is, are there still better ways to structure this kind of actionscript? I’d really prefer to have everything generated in one script in the main timeline; putting code on MCs seems messy to me. I’m not new to programming, but I am still new to the way Flash executes.

What’s the best way of propagating an array of MCs on the stage? If anyone can point me to some other examples or tutorials, it’d be much appreciated.

One other question: why don’t Stage.height and .width ever work? Gawd!

Enjoy, and help me start a discussion :wink: