There's a hole

in my browser. It’s been a while since I submitted anything to the D&D forum. It’s not finished, and it will be the basis of my site (eventually). The whole tear around the edges is pretty much finished, I just need to ajust the cracks a little.

My main problem with this is the hole in the middle. At present it looks like there is no depth. I’m wondering how to make it look like there is a big lack of anything in that hole, rather than a bit of paper with a hole singed in it placed over the browser

maybe if you take away the shadow it will look a bit more like if there is nothing inside? I really liked it though, good job!

one way would be too make the edges darker extending out towards the borders of the picture -

make your drop shadow tighter and a little darker

then use the burn tool to highlight and burn the edges here and there

Ooh, it would be sweet if you could animate that so that you see the background getting burnt away ! :thumb:

I was gonna try and do that for my site…
…but then I didn’t :smiley:

Sounds like a job for after effects :thumb:

Updated. Check the link above. beware, it’s now 1024x768

Thanks guys, I followed what you advised and it looks better, not quite perfect, but I’m sure it will hit me why, and then I’ll fix it. In the mean time, I’ve added an image in the middle to try to aid in the illusion of depth.

@Voets & El - Actually, that was something along the plan for my site. It would show the page all nice and neat, and it would have a little circle which would fill as the loading, then when it finishes, BAM! The browser would explode, causin the cracks to appear, and a large hole to be put in the browser, which would be followed by about 2 seconds of the browser being singed away into the square shape, revealing my website.


the brown burnt stuff looks amazing, but i’d lessen the lightning-like black lines that look bizarre, and add a very black border where the paper is burnt. (light a piece of paper and chech it out =) )

You could do it with an image sequence from IR too. But AE would be sweet

IR? Que’ce que c’est? I’ve never used AE before, or IR (whatever it is). Can someone explain please? Thanks.

@mlk - the lightning things are supposed to be cracks. That’s how the image started, as if a giant fist had smashed a hole in the browser. And I agree, they do seem a bit “heavy”. :thumb:

Thanks again guys.

and the final touch up. Very subtle, but it’s there.

Alright, I’m happy with it (minus the background. I’m waiting for it to hit me still), and now I have two questions. The first is stated above, and the second is:

Seeing how this is going to turn into my site, I need some idea of how it’s going to work. So far I thought about having little bits of the site fall off after the explosion, and those will be the buttons, and they would continue to glow. On click, they would PHOOM up in flames and scorch what I want on the hole. (ex: news!) Yeah, it need’s a little refining. Any suggestions?

regarding AE (after effects) and IR (image ready?)

Could had created this animation in after effects and rendered out one still for a static shot, there have been a few tutorials on how to do this.

here is one plugin

here is another (no extra plugs needed)

these are excellent! Thanks soulty! Now all I have to do is “aquire” my self a copy of image ready :trout:

why do you need image ready? , the link i provided are only After effects.

erk - I meant after effects. :trout:

I should stop posting after midnight :wink: