There's this dude who hates me

He has no reason whatsoever to hate me. He’s one of my bf’s quake buddies from Canada. He’s in the IRC channel and stuff. So it all started a few months ago, i was in there minding my own business, and the topic turned to music, more specifically techno music, and i chimed in and said that it was good driving music. well, these two dudes called me a wh0re. so of course i banned them. but they keep coming back like parasites. and i had to let them back in since they are part of the clan. but anyway. now this one dude follows me around like a leach on our news site and just rips into me for random reasons. it used to be fun, i used to enjoy totally cutting him down in front of everyone, but now it’s just lame and i wish he would just shut up. jeez. it’s so stupid.