Thinfast - The Ultimate Fatburner :)

this is something i found, thought it was a pretty cool animation :slight_smile:
may have been posted before, don’t know for sure…


Hehe, that was nice :smiley:

LOL nice!

haha that was pretty funny nice find!

Whahaha nice… :slight_smile: :thumb:

That looked good, even though I don’t have sound on this computer.

that was very funny :slight_smile: You should have a little caution on the swearing at the end though… like NSFW (not safe for work) but only if you are unlike Ethan and have sound :wink:

Awesome 3-d work!

lol, will do next time ss :wink:

nothing like the boss walking in the room to the F-bomb :thumb:

Good thing he’s got a sence of humour!

man, nice link, there is some awesome animations at this site.

thought the animation style look familiar, the “Beconase” ads have been running for a while here in Australia… Killa work.

Very Cool, funny also…