This coul be a scrol?

i don;t now to much!..but
look at this code, for a buton!

to up!

on (release) {
vely = Math.random()*600;
instanceName._y += (vely-_y)/10;

to dow!

on (release) {
vely = Math.random()*600;
instanceName._y -= (vely-_y)/10;

and put some mask!.to the MC, whit the instance name!

BUT!! to stop it when the MC, go to finish?

this coul be a scrol…thing right??
for werever you want to scroll!

how to stop it?!!


come on!.. more view tan replys!..

put the code, to some buton, and put the instance name
an see…how work!..

you are the exper!..:smokin:


I don’t think I competely understand what you’re trying to do Joss. Can you explain it better ?

pom 0]