This has to be a joke?!

I’ve been looking for a domain name for my portfolio but most with my nickname in them are taken. However, there is this one While I’m not to happy about the “-” its the best i can find.

It’s owned by this company, so I emailed them to ask them if it was for sale and they replied with this:

Mr. Smith:
I am pleased to inform you that the domain is for sale for U$D 3,900.00
best regards
Perthshire Marketing

I’ve never dealt with a reseller before but that sounds like about $3,800 too much, and theres no way I’m buying it.

I know a guy that buys domains, them sales them from $500 to $10,000 depending on who it is. $3,900 is most likely the starting price in a haggle. At least, from what I know I think it is.

They offer it that high because they believe they can get it. You emailed the person wanting the domain… and as long as you keeping showing this initiative, it’s payday for the seller.

I personally would never buy one of those domains, I’d wait till it expires if I really want it.

yeah im going to look elsewhere, but it seems to be a common name.

$3900 is not too much for a domain name.