This is a very basic question

very basic…but, i do not know.

what does this mean? ( I’m assuming it has somthing to do w/ the way the canvas is going to scale?? i could be wrong though)

fscommand (“fullscreen”,“false”);
fscommand (“allowscale”,“false”);

and what does “fscommand” mean?

thank you very much

I believe it’s explained in the AS dictionary, man :slight_smile:

ohhhh, ok. Im at work and I was reading a book so i dont have the actionscript dic. on hand…but i will check it out when i got home. thank you for being so helpfull!!

oh…doesnt macromedia have it online too?? cool i will check it out.

Yep. And be careful. fscommand doesn’t work exactly the same with F5 and FMX. Sometimes for security reasons (fscommand exec), sometimes because a new object has been created. But then again, I never used it enough to know what I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue: