This is ANNOYING me.. please help

Ok i have pretty much completed my webpage right, so.
I have made a page called “pics” and it’s dimensions are Width=650px and Height=1500px and put my text and pics on it. When i tested it (F12) the page comes up how i want it. Comes up full screen and you have to scroll down to view all the pics and text. BUT when i convert it to a SWF it displays ALL of the pics and text on the screen.

So, when i go to my main page and click on the button that takes me to my “pics page”. It goes to the “pics page” but the dimensions have changed so that the entire “pic page” is on the screen, instead of how i previously wanted it as when i pressed (F12) the first time. Where now the pics and text are too small to read because it is all squeezed onto the one page (so now there’s no scroller)

Do u get me? I have tried to change the “Publishing Settings” but it’s still all the same. Can some please tell me how to make it a FULL page? Just like the screen you are looking at now with the scroller on the right.


Are you using the html that is published from the Flash program? If so… I’m not sure what’s wrong. I know that the publish settings concerning the size are in the html that comes out when you publish, not in the swf file. So, if you’re using an html page that you created, just look at the published html, and your own, and make changes in the embed and object tags so that the one you’re using is the same as the published one.

Did that make sense? :slight_smile:

wow wow wow…
ok, remember im knew to this! hehe

Ok when i made the page i went to the “publishing Settings” and then went to the HTML tab. Now what do i have to do there to adjust it for a full size page? I have gone to “percent” 100 X 100… And it work fine when i press (F12).
But when i convert it to a SWF and test it by pressing the button from my main page to GO to that page. It’s all squeezed in again… It’s not like when i pressed (F12) do u get me?

So do u know what i can??
(remember explain it in simple terms) hehee


I could have sworn that there was a setting there called “resize” which you have to set to “no”. I could however be wrong on that. I did however, see a post very recently I think by Eyezberg which detailed the way of doing that.

I’ll look for that post.

ok… it was Sinfinti and he was discussing the fscommands
You can do fullscreen=true and allowscale=false with the fscommand. However, the fscommands for both of these should be located in the html publish settings as check boxes or pull down lists.

I will take a look at Flash in about 45 minutes and get back to you with the exact details.

I guess I’m wrong… I don’t find it there. There is an option for dimensions which might do the trick. I also believe that you can use the fscommands from inside of flash, with the options above to do the same thing…

I’ll keep looking around… I know that there is a way of accomplishing what you’re talking about…

So what your saying is if i put the fullscreen=true and allowscale=false in, it should come as a full screen? If so, how would i put this in?

I mean have you made a page by just using flash?

AAARRRRGGHHHH… this is really starting to bug me hey!

You do know what i mean dont you? I wanted it as the screen your looking at now, see how it’s taking up your entire browser. Thats what i want to happen to every page i make when you click on the buttons.


Because my site looks really sh*t without it taking up the full browser… Please help me…

I’m trying. :slight_smile: … I’m doing some reading. Bear with me.