This is great!

Well after about an hour of messing with this, I have found a great spot to add a Flash MX shortcut, it will be on any folder that U right click on including the start button. This I guess only works for XP, I would appreciate some help if it can be done on other OS’s. Anyway here we go.\r\rNavigate in your Registry to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Classes/Folder/Shell and create a key called “Flash MX” without the quotes. \r\r(You can call it anything you want, but since its a Flash MX shortcut I named mine Flash MX.)\r\rCreate a new key within your newly created Flash MX named “command” and set the default string to “C:\ Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX\Flash.exe” without the quotes. \r\r(This may vary, you want the path to be directly to the Flash MX main program, the path shown is if you used the default install location.)\r\rThe changes should take place immediately. Right click a folder or the start menu and your new menu item should appear.\r\rHave fun this works with any program in your XP machine. I am gonna work on one for 98/ME/2000, I need some help with the registry since I don’t have any of these OS’s, if you can help me find this out, it would be a great help. So enjoy your new shortcut, and show it off to your friends, and laugh when they asked how you did that.\r\rTitrationX

Sweet… thanks for the tip

No Problem, enjoy your new shortcut.