This. reference in an object

I am trying to make a module to load and parse some xml and have run into some problems so I made this sample code to work with it. The code works fine if I have a reference (see the line with ) the setVariables method with the name jObject.setVariables, but when I use: this.setVariables :it doesn’t work. When I use: trace(this); : it prints the whole XML document. Any Ideas? \r\r\r\r\rmyTry = function(myObjName){ \ = myObjName; \rtrace(“myTry object made”); \r} \; \rmyTry.prototype.myXMLDoc; \rmyTry.prototype.eventNum = null; \rmyTry.prototype.eventTitles = new Array(); \rmyTry.prototype.eventDescriptions = new Array(); \rmyTry.prototype.eventReferences = new Array(); \rmyTry.prototype.myLoadEm = function(success){ \rif(!success ){ \rtrace(“Your document didn’t load”); \r\r}else{ \rtrace(“Your document loaded”); \rtrace("::::::::::::::::::::::<img src= ALT=":"> n" +this + "
"); \r
****** this.setVariables(); ************* \r//trace(myXMLDoc); \r} \r} \r\rmyTry.prototype.makeIt = function(){ \rmyXMLDoc = new XML(); \rmyXMLDoc.load(“T1.xml”); \rmyXMLDoc.ignoreWhite = true; \rmyXMLDoc.onLoad = this.myLoadEm; \r} \r\rmyTry.prototype.setVariables = function (){ \rtrace(“In the setVariables”); \rthis.eventNum = myXMLDoc.firstChild.childNodes.length; \r\rfor(i=0;i this.eventTitles = myXMLDoc.firstChild.childNodes.attributes.title; \rthis.eventDescriptions = myXMLDoc.firstChild.childNodes.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild; \rthis.eventReferences = new Array();//XMLData.firstChild.childNodes.firstChild.childNodes;//.nextSibling.firstChild; \rthis.eventNum = myXMLDoc.firstChild.childNodes.firstChild; \rfor(j=0;j.firstChild.firstChild.nextSibling.childNodes.length; j++){ \rthis.eventReferences[j] = myXMLDoc.firstChild.childNodes.firstChild.firstChild.nextSibling.childNodes[j].firstChild; \r} \rtrace(this.eventReferences); \r} \rreturn 1; \r} \r\rjObject = new myTry(jObject); \rjObject.makeIt(); \rtrace(; \robj2 = new myTry(“blamb!!!”); \rtrace(;