This should give u something to do!

ok, here goes.
I look for flash tutorials all the time and I found a site that had an interesting swf that I would really like to know how it works. Anyway, I would be very greatful if someone could make something similar and send me there source.

The URL:-

It is the main menu. I find it quite amusing. The main site is:-

Looking forward to a reply.

They have a tute on how to do that, and so do we…

pom :hat:

my not be a relevent post but geez ilyaslamasse, you have 1300 post last night thats 35 a day.:cyclops:

Well, I spend quite some time on my computer as I have to finish an assignement in C++, so… I should really get the hell out of here, you’re right. :+)

HAHA, I just read this post when Ilyas had 1337 posts.

Some of you may be asking why that is funny…

Well 1337 means leet in hacker terms. It stands for elite, and blah blah blah, im not getting into that. 1337 haxx0rs is a perfect example of leet text (it means leet hackers). Anyways, I just found that incredibly funny and thought I would share that tidbit of information. I will slink back into my own little dark hidden corner now.:-\

I thought it was funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to find a way to keep the leet thing and answer you at the same time, but couldn’t. ****! I’ll have to delete some of my old posts. Yep, that sounds like a great idea :crazy:

I tried to take a screenshot of it but it got all messed up for some reason. Then when I came back you posted again…lol. Drat!!!