This["something"+i] not working

I hope I will put this good in english words…

I have a few dynamic generated buttons, and I need on their action to change values in some dynamic generated textfields.

the part of the code we’re interested is this:

nr_rinduri = 20; // number caming from somewhere else
this[“mc”+j].onRelease = function()

{ num = Number(this._name.substring(2))+1;
nrInceput = (num-1)*nr_rinduri;
trace(“NR inceput=” + nrInceput);


contor = k-((num-1)*nr_rinduri);

codice0.text = myXML.firstChild.childNodes[1].childNodes[k].attributes.cd_prodotto;
test = num;

so… : if I put codice0.text = …, codice1.text = … it’s working, but when I"m trying to do a this[“codice”+contor].text = … it’s not working…

Is this because we are inside another this[] … the one for the button and when I"m refering to this[“codice”+contor] the flash see that I want to do something at the button and not at the textfield…

Sorry if it’s not very clear, please ask…and I"ll try to explain better…