This was supposed to be easy- what the heck?[F8 AS2]

Absolutely migrained out right now after trying to make what seemed to be a simple preloader… I’ve looked at the problem from every angle I know how to and still I’m not narrowing anything down-

The problem is that when I go to test the movieclip the playhead moves right on past the first frame… but the first frame has a stop function in it :crying: I’ve even gone so far as to comment out all code in all the movieclips except for a single stop(); function in the first frame and still when simulating a download, the playhead moves past it… I have absolutely no clue… there’s two weird things though… when I try an alternate way of building the preloader Not using the setInterval() function, the simulator works perfectly… it stays on the first frame and animates the progress bar and when all the frames are loaded it shoots straight to frame 4 having all the content… The second weird thing is that, when I trace the percent of bytes loaded, I get a double trace of 100% in the output… I even went back and removed the round function thinking that 99.99 was getting rouned up then the next interval was providing the actual 100% but no… there are two actual 100% traces… since the code is supposed to stop the interval before proceeding I dont see how this is happening… anyway this was my first time working with the setInterval function and I was really looking forward to using it but it’s riping me a new one right now- anyone have any ideas?

here’s the code

myInterval = setInterval(progressCheck,100);

function progressCheck(){

 var loaded = getBytesLoaded();
 var total = getBytesTotal();
 var pctLoaded = Math.round(loaded / total * 100);
 preloader.loadBar._xscale = pctLoaded;
 if (loaded >= total){