Thoriphes...? re: floating menu

I was thinking of this floating menu idea and I don’t know where to start. I thought I would ask around.

I want to create a dynamic floating and draggable menu that would be on the page and it doesnt matter if you scroll all the way down it would remain visible. Is this too outrageous? I don’t want it to be an annoying pop-up window however.

Thanks in advance.

so basically you want a menu that you can drag around? i don’t know what you mean by "float"ing menu. there is a way :slight_smile:

i think he means, like on sites where there is some text, or image, that stays at a certain spot, no matter whether you scroll down or up. it will follow.

i may be wrong.

That is exactly what i wanted…like the geocities pop-up screen that doesn’t go away except for this menu it will have a close button.

Ok, I know WHAT you want, in HTML it’s a fixed-position layer which is maintained in it’s position by javascript.
What I don’t understand is WHY you’d want to do this in Flash, as the output is scalable to always fill 100% of the page, so no scroll is needed…?

Well, the reason for this was to create a movie that is exported as "match movie’ and when the user has a weird screen resolution, the menu will always be visible.

I wanted the user to see the movie just as i created it and not auto fit or 100% of the screen.
I know this is an unusual request but I wanted to experiment.


vts had a little draggable menu going on. vts, if you’re reading this why don’t you post up your movie.

Is this what I have to do if I am showing my movies as a presentation? I mean in a CD rom?

Ok, I only need to make my MAIN movie into an .exe (Stand Alone Flash Player) and as long as i have all my other SWF’s in the same folder it will work?

Or do I need to also include a flash player set-up .exe in the same CD-rom?


Sup Mikeylkzt,
I bet you meant to post that in the “Presentation” Topic lol oh well we all do it! WoW this is weird I haven’t posted in like forever and I used to be a postaholic