Those loading things

On some flash presentations, ppl have this preloading screen, where it has a bar, and that bar shows how much of the presentation has been loaded, how do i make one of those cool things?
can i also show how much has been loaded in numbers?
thanks alot



umm kewl, thanks alot i got it.
but now
how can i make my own? like as in change the length of the bar? the color, the style, or add how many bytes have been downloaded…

just something like that


hmm, i appreciate the nice demos and all guys, but i am not too bright to figure things out, and its kinda complicated, cuz i am not THAT familiar with flash. can anyone explain it step by step? (not in great detail, but enough to have come idjit like me learn :))

tthanks again guys

I’m sorry I haven’t got the time:*(

hahaa, its okay… :slight_smile:
well if u can’t is there anyone else out there who can. or at least wants to ?? :slight_smile:
please? :slight_smile:

ok ill try I take it u did the tutorial that sum1 posted so u have the code in the first frame yeah if framesloaded and all that well open a new fla document and make a animation for your loading screen i.e Something saying loading and dots after or wotever i usually have a ball orbiting a loading sign or summet then once u have made the movie doesnt need to be spectacular imprt it into your main movie make sure u import it to the libary then in the frame the code is in Drag the movie u imported onto the stage that should in theory work it works for me but i am relatively new it prob depends how your movie is set up if it doesnt work post again


well if u understand the scripting behind it you should be able to do what ever you want with it. a preloader can be created really easily…and then using a percentage that you’ve got you can just set the _xscale or _Yscale of an object to that percent. since the x and y scale are out of one hundred…with this you can make the bar ur maxium size and when it loads it will reach 100% at that… :slight_smile: